MSVCR Kinrara Army Camp 28 January 2007
Monday, February 12, 2007 (04:11:40)

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On the morning of 28 January 2007, it was a Malat Communist Insurgence into the Kinrara Army camp in Puchong to take part In the MSCVR (Malaysian and Singapore Classic Vehicle Register) Drag race, Gymkhana and concourse events. Mafia, The Saint, Pravindastar and Shahnaz entered with E28's painted In the Matchbox series of Blue, White, Black and Red while the E30's were represented by Ganesan and Highwaystar In his full race prepped E30....

After scrutineering of the cars and reconnaising the drag straight which contained a dangerous hairpin s curve the first event of the day which was the drag race got underway. unfortunately none of the cars won as we were In the same class (modern classics) with a bunch of Rotary powered turbocharged RX7's and a highly modified E23 323 running 14 Inch rims. Ganesan and Pravindastar managed to keep Malat respectability by finishing a close fourth and fifth to the three winners. You can be sure next year we are coming with 14 Inch rims and turbochargers.

Highlights of the event was the loud roaring of Highwaystar's car which prompted officials to check If the car Indeed retained Its BMW engine or had been transplanted with a Japanese variant. Also not to be forgotten was the fact that Highwaystar burned his tyres and brakes with his usual maverick driving style which left officials gasping.

Next up was the Gymkhana event which Is basically precision driving through cones. Here Ganesan was second and Pravindastar was third. Ganesan drove using a clean and beautiful style reminiscent of great BMW drivers of old (he Is a graduate of the BMW Advanced Driving School). Pravindastar on the other hand drove like a mad bat out of hell In the process knocking one cone down only because the gear knob of his E28 flew off due to his furious driving and drifting style.
Last but not least Ganesan who was the only one of our cars to take part In the concourse won third prize. All In all a great day and one which we enjoyed tremendously. Even the food provided was excellent. Till next year then…

malatbimmer wish to thank to Mafia for invited us to participate such an historical event. Congratulation goes to the award holders Pravindastar, Mafia, Ganesan and Ognam. Check gallery for the photo event.

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