Photoshoot Day 3rd September 2006
Monday, February 12, 2007 (04:04:21)

Posted by highwaystar

It was a chilly dark morning on the 3rd September 2006 but not for a group of crazy Malats who decided that the order of the day was a race up Genting Highlands followed by a photoshoot. After meeting at Projet Batu Caves at 6.30am that Sunday morning, all ten cars present floored it up to the rest stop before Gohtong Jaya for a quick breakfast before the main course which was a free for all race up to Genting. With no holds barred everyone floored it all the way to the top before we found a lovely parking lot at the summit overlooking the slopes of Genting and the city of KL in the distance....

The cars were arranged before photos were taken. While this was going on a group of Smart cars turned up at the same area and began doing donuts to show off. Not to be outdone the beemers started to do a drift show off. Congratulations to Mafia @ Sanjay and Willy for smoking their tires and proving that Malat members have too much money and do not care for tire prices. But with that the Smart cars hightailed it out of there and we were left In peace once more. With that we finished the photo session and prepared ourselves for the last event of the day which was the race down Genting. The prize for biggest daydreamer goes to NikAzwaa @ Nikiwawa aka Ognam for thinking his smoking brakes ( they were literally on fire) were actually smoke from the cigarette he was smoking. Fastest downhill were a close tie between Highwaystar and his protégé Pravindastar who both looked extremely fast due to the lack of brakes caused by brake fade. But then again who needs brakes eh…?

Special thanks to all photographer, Ognam, aRRrghhh and highwaystar. Plus, nasi lemak was good oso. Till we meet again! Check gallery for the photo event.

article by Pravindastar

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