Evo BBS launching 6th August 2006
Monday, February 12, 2007 (03:57:29)

Posted by highwaystar

Bigger, Better, Stronger... That was what it was all about. On the 6th August 2006 Malatbimmer members new and old came together after a long lapse to commemorate the relaunching of the original website which had crashed. All previous data which had been hosted at a site in the US was lost for good. But thanks to members efforts and mostly to Highwaystar we returned with all the fanfare one can imagine and we did it Malat style by organizing a High Tea at Sri Neelas Restaurant in Taman Desa...

It was great seeing all the Malats and meeting new Malats like Mafia@ Sanjay and Joe Leong. Members were treated to good food plus a Multimedia Video presentation of our previous activities and even a short Malat BMW movie which was highly entertaining because it included Highwaystar dancing in nothing but his boxers. Also part of the festivities was all members being presented with gifts and pledging Malat allegiance by signing a commemorative T shirt. It was also the first time all the Malat merchandise was first introduced for sale. All in all it was a great event and a great start for malatbimmer.com.

Malatbimmer wish to thank to all officials and ambassador that make this event happened. Special thanks to Ismail for the superb photographs, Pravindastar for videofeeds, also thanks to all Malatqueens for manning the sales booths and generally keeping things in order. Super thanks to all sponsors representative aRRrghhh for the goodie bags, adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd, bedoqstar for the Lucky draw gifts, Stay Inn hotel, Curvin Car Center and Sri Neelas Restaurant. Not to forget, Congratulations to Malat Willy for winning the lucky draw.

Check gallery for the photo event.

article by Pravindastar

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